Aug 25, 2011

Reviews & interviews

First reviews on Isolation are now out there: 9,5/10 3/5 8/10 4/5 (review is so far only in the printed magazine)

There is also an interview of Kalle in the newest issue of Soundi magazine and an interview of Matti in the newest issue of Sue magazine.

Aug 23, 2011


New version of official ShamRain site launched. Our new album "Isolation" will finally be released tomorrow. Hope you'll like it!

P.S. We won't be reading our Myspace messages, the place is pretty much dead and we won't be doing any updates either.

Here are few songs from the new album as well as the cover artwork.

Until Twilight
ShamRain - Until Twilight by Universalfi

How Can I Make It Through The Night
Shamrain - How Can I Make It Through The Night? by Universalfi